Greencare Landscaping LLC's Vacancy

GREENCARE LANDSCAPING LLC is a dynamically developing company since 1999. We have experienced several crises, faced with many challenges, but we continue to develop and move forward only! Every employee for us - is first and foremost a friend, whom we love and appreciate. Work with us - this is the opportunity for career growth and high wages. To all our employees, we put forward higher requirements, conduct ongoing courses in advanced training once a year 5 employees (including one of them is definitely a novice) are trained in Germany.
Currently, the following positions are wanted in the company:

Assistant landscape architect

  • High / secondary special education;
  • Knowledge of the range and plant morphology;
  • Knowledge of AutoCad, Sketchup;
  • Accommodation Dubai.

Salary: by results of interview. Career.

Greencare Landscaping LCC-Vacancy-in-DubaiEngineer gardening and landscaping

  • Higher professional education;
  • Ability to perform technical drawings (automatic watering, drainage, vertical layout, etc.);
  • Experience in the profession for at least 3 years;
  • Knowledge of AutoCad;
  • The presence of the TC encouraged (Depreciation is charged separately);
  • Accommodation Dubai.

Salary: by results of interview


The object foreman

  • Higher professional education;  
  • To organize work teams, as well as to monitor the work on the objects (1-2);
  • Have experience and knowledge of the main types of work;
  • Experience foreman at least 3 years;
  • The presence of the TC encouraged (Depreciation is charged separately);
  • Place of work (depending on the location of the object)

Salary: by results of an interview

Send your CV to mail or through the form on the website.