What is the use of pipe fittings in Dubai?

The use of pipe fittings

Whether you are looking for the kitchen sink or building sprinkler system you need pipe fittings. You should understand the use of pipe fittings and how effectively they can be used at home as it makes your job at home very easy.

The function of pipe fittings

You use pipe fittings to join together the pipes or for changing the pipe direction. The pipe fittings help pipes to go well around beams, corners, up or underground the wall. During the renovation process, fittings are used to seal or close the pipe. Fittings are very important as they help in maintain and regulating the liquid flow.

Important Aspect

you can get pipe fittings in various sizes, shapes and they are available for special jobs such as reduction coupler which requires specialized fittings.

Pipe fittings types

The different types of pipe fittings are as follows:

Brass pipe fittings

They are durable and strong to be used in construction for a long time. They are also corrosion resistant to heat, water, peaty solid and acids.

Pipe fittings in Dubai Copper pipe fittings

Pipe fittings of copper have antibacterial and corrosion resistance properties. It can be used for both cold and hot water supply. Copper pipe fittings are very expensive as compared to other fittings.

Plastics pipe fittings

They are very easy and quick to install. Plastic fittings are rust resistant, chemically made and non- corrosive. Plastic pipe fittings have less environmental impact.

iron (malleable) pipe fittings

They have low maintenance, durable and corrosion resistant. They are cheap, environmentally friendly and can be recycled. They are also resistant to corrosion especially the galvanized fittings.

Selecting pipe fittings

When buying and selecting pipe fittings, keep the following points in mind:


The fittings material must be well suited with the fluid and pipes they are carrying. The best advice is to use the same fitting material as that of pipe to work well.

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Pressure and temperature

Pressure and temperature conditions are very important for proper plumbing work. You must ensure that pipe fittings can withstand maximum pressure and temperature ratings.


For flexible tubing, barbed fittings are best to use. Compression fittings are best suited for rigid tubing.

Important advice

look at the job first and then select the plumbing fitting accordingly by keeping in mind the cost, leaks and water restrictions. There are various pipe fittings in UAE-ANB solutions to select accordingly. You should have knowledge about pipe fittings so that you don’t waste time in selecting the right one.

Connections to pipe fittings

The connection of pipe fittings should be tight and constant. The connection type depends upon shape, size, and material of pipe fittings. Two common types of connection are:

  • Threaded connections
  • Cramp connections