Greencare Lanscaping LCC's Pond Construction

Construction of ponds is professional installation and design by GREENCARE LANDSCAPING LLC
Our services:

  • Construction of ponds, pools;
  • The unit cascades;
  • Creation of waterfalls;
  • Decorative creek.

Landscaping a garden, a country house, or villa includes a large set of events, which make your garden prepared to work on the landscaping.
Construction of reservoirs is one of the most exciting elements of the landscape design. Landscaping with an element as a decorative pond is the best way to add to your garden vitality and harmony.
Entrust decorative pond construction professionals of GREENCARE LANDSCAPING LLC

Greencare Landscaping LCC-Pond Construction-in-DubaiThe company is engaged in professional construction of garden reservoirs, and ponds. Since 1999, we have set up 35 water projects, different complexity and size, from the small with the water surface area from 10 m2 to large bathing pond, with an area of ​​over 5200 square meters. Sophisticated cascades, waterfalls, streams - designed by designers of GREENCARE LANDSCAPING LLC, and by the hands of our artists we will decorate any site. All work performed warranty from 1 year to 3 years. If you want to order the construction of a reservoir on the site call us at +971 4 4123 3906 or write an e-mail, we will be happy to answer all your questions.
Every garden pond is unique and designer takes into account the features of the site and the surrounding architecture. Be aware we will design and create for you a decorative pond, which will organically fit into your landscape. We build reservoirs on the film and the concrete base, using reliable equipment. If you lean more to the pool, you can combine a garden pond and a swimming pool in one. In this case, you get a beautifully designed coastal zone, with flowering water plants, and the main area of ​​the reservoir will be used for bathing
Decorative pond
The trend of creating reservoirs in the garden plots starts from 1986. This is due to the desire of man to create his pieces of land, the conditions that will contribute to comfortable human rest, even in an urban environment. Reservoirs represent peace and harmony. This element of the landscape design contributes to person's emotional discharge and rest more than any other.