Greencare Landscaping LLC's Irrigation System

Automatic watering of the lawn for your site from GREENCARE LANDSCAPING LLC.
Entrust the design and installation of automatic irrigation to the specialists of GREENCARE LANDSCAPING LLC. Since 1999, we have collected and designed more than 1,200 automatic irrigation systems on areas from ​​6 are to 15 hectares. Installation of automatic watering is an important stage of accomplishment of the territory, which can't be trusted to dubious companies. Many years of experience allows us to implement the most complex project with adequate prices.
Automatic watering of the lawn for your site from GREENCARE LANDSCAPING LLC.
Automatic watering system ensures the quality of care for the garden and lawn, which is almost impossible to achieve with manual irrigation. Modern well-maintained landscapes without automatic irrigation are rare nowadays.
Greencare Landscaping LCC-Irrigation System-in-DubaiWhy you need to order automatic watering from us? Or why more than 1,200 customers entrusted us their sites?

  • We are the first who have started the installation of irrigation systems in Dubai;
  • Rates available to everyone. For all our clients there are special terms and discounts;
  • Professional equipment from the best manufacturers;
  • Minimum time for the design and then produce a layout of equipment and budget;
  • Only professional craftsmen, you will feel peaceful with, you will not even notice their work;
  • Execution of works precisely on the stated dates;
  • Guarantees for work performed from 1 year to 3 years.


Automatic watering price. Destroying the myths.

Very often you can hear the question, how much is the installation of automatic irrigation systems? Here is the answer - it is cheaper than gardening. The fact that the system requires a one-time attachment, after which, it will serve you for at least 20 years. The exact value can be given only after the development of irrigation projects, but especially for you, we have developed ON-LINE cost calculator, you can see it on the right side of the page. More information about all the advantages you can find here.
You calculated the cost of the system by another company and you weren't satisfied with it - send us an estimate. We will prepare a new proposal within 2 days. Our price will surprise you. You may ask why our prices are lower than on the market? We are official representatives of manufacturers. Purchase of equipment takes place directly.