Greencare Landscaping LLC's FAQ

I bought a piece of land with the cottage, how much the landscaping will cost?

The cost of the landscape design in each case is calculated individually. First of all, the price depends on the type of materials used.
Greencare Landscaping LCC-FAQ-in-DubaiExample 1: We have an area under the paving of 150 m2, the bridge parking and garden paths. Concrete tiles cost 30 dirhams m2, the cost of granite pavers 4500 m2.
Version with concrete tiles - tiles costs 4300 dirhams and 6000 dirhams for packing work. Total materials and paving goes for 10300 dirhams.
Option with granite stone blocks - the cost of granite paving stones will be 38600 dirhams, the work on laying of 12 885 dirhams.
As you already know, the cost may vary greatly, depending on the type of material used. The same can be said about the trees and shrubs, but there is a higher criterion - the size of the plant, the thickness of the trunk (for the trees), the number of skeletal branches.
Example 2: Norway maple «Royal Red» tree height of 4 m, can cost from 572 dirhams to 1716 dirhams. You may ask why such a difference, because in fact I get one and the same height? That is - the height you get the same, but the quality, the shape of the crown, and the most important thing - the age will differ significantly. For 572 dirhams you get a tree with a trunk with a diameter of 12-14 cm., 1 m crown for 1716 dirhams will look like it grows for ages at your site, perfectly formed tree with broad crown (diameter 2.5-3 m ), the thickness of the trunk 22-24 cm.
The exact cost of landscape design depends on a variety of nuances, which can be determined only at a stage of landscape design. This is a stage of selection of materials, selection of trees and shrubs, their size, and so on. Of course, there are the figures of experience, on average, 1 weaving turnkey costs from 17160.49 to 34320.97 dirhams, this amount can vary, both in large and in the smaller side. Our task is to help you to keep within the planned budget, and we know how to do it without loss of quality.

How much is the landscape design costs?

Our company stands three price categories on landscape design.
"Basic" 0.20 dirhams per one hundred square meters
"Lux" - 0.26 dirhams per one hundred square meters
"Premium" - 0.31 dirhams per one hundred square meters
Composition of the projects and their differences in detail are on the prices page (in landscape design). Price of landscape design for the sites with an area from 50 acres will differ, downward cost per one hundred square meters. The same conditions also apply to commercial customers. To quickly calculate the cost, you can also use our online calculator here on the same page, there is a detailed FAQ on landscape design. Please note that the prices listed at the time of 2016.