Natural Forest Landscape Garden Design

The idea of creating of landscapes in a forest style is not new – it originated in the 18th century, and its author is an English writer and designer of gardens Stephen Schweitzer. Do not confuse the forest style with the landscape. They are linked by naturalness, closeness to nature, but the selection of plants and principles of these styles are different. In order to choose the best style for your land, Escape Luxury Living offers you to contact landscaping companies in Dubai.

 Decoration of a land in the forest style is a great solution to relax from the urban bustle, the picturesque and calm area for those, who look for peace and tranquility in communion with nature. To create such a landscape is not difficult, if you purchase the land in a wooded area. In other cases, you will have to make some effort and patience, but the result is worth it.

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The features of the forest landscape

The main planning principle of a “private forest” is naturalness. The work of nature should be in all without visible human intervention. If the landscape is created from scratch, the experts recommend to choose a radial layout: the more distance from the house and outbuildings, the stronger the landscape should be similar to thicket.

  • The forest style in the landscape design is simple sleek lines and natural materials. The trails on this area are situated in such places, where nature would give them a territory – in the most comfortable places for walking. Cover can be sand, sod, loosely poured wood chips or gravel of natural shades with sprouting grass.
  • Flower beds in the forest design more reminiscent of lawn, interspersed with floral compositions that imitate the shady thickets. The lawns in the traditional concept do not simply exist here, meadows, which are covered with ground cover perennials, perform their function.
  • Ponds in the forested area are small. Their outlines can be free or blurred.
  • Small architectural forms are created of natural materials, mostly of wood. Function of benches lightly refinished the trunk of the tree can perform, a pergola can be styled under a tent. As for fencing, hedges of plants that do not require haircuts, will the best solution for a wooded plot.
  • Decor in a forest landscape should also be very natural. A handmade forest can be decorated with a composition of boulders, rock dumping, rotarian. Thematic garden figures – mushrooms, squirrels, hedgehogs, will be appropriate.

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The choice of plants for the forest style

Pretentiousness and exotic are not suitable for the forest design, so the cultivated flora should be used with caution and only where it will be in harmony with the basic composition. Forest plants will perform the role of the foundation for the greening.

If there are forest trees, such as oak, birch, alder, elm on your site – find a place for them in the landscape area, otherwise they must be planted in the composition, care and wait patiently for their growing. Deciduous plants are combined with forest conifers – spruce, pine, larch. Note that in this case, it is not necessary bear a tall tree on the edge of the area – in a forest, they can grow anywhere both in groups and individual instances.

Do not forget that for the Russian people, forests have always been a supporter and healer. And therefore, you should plant linden, wild pear, wild apple, cherry, plum, mountain ash, buckthorn on your site. Raspberries, blackberries, honeysuckle, can be planted as underbrush, and on glades and edges, you can plant wild strawberry, bog bilberry, blueberry, and forest medicinal herbs.