Marble Floors, Maintenance And Polishing

Marble floor polishing in DubaiMarble is one the most sought after flooring and paneling materials in the world, owing to its luxurious feel. Its use in hosting rooms, such as the drawing room, lounges, kitchen panels and outdoors adds a feeling of prestige and high-class living.

The most demanded types of marble, such as Italian marble can be very expensive, because several processes are required to make the marble installation ready so to speak. Raw marble is in stony form, and has to be cut, shaped and cleaned to make it ready for installation.

This is not all as far as the expenses are concerned though. Marble maintenance is also important if the material is to look like new or impress when the guests come over. Marble floor polishing in Dubai by our company could serve multiple maintenance needs.

Wherever it is used, if the marble has lost its gloss or has unnatural stains from food and dirt, chances are the whole point of having such an expensive flooring material installed has become of little use.

Marble care techniquesSince it has a stony texture, marble can also become damaged through other ways, such as scratching and chipping.

This is where marble maintenance tips, which can be fairly easy to follow once one takes out the time and gets the hand of it, and getting familiar with marble polishing methods and services can come in handy.

The best marble maintenance services will help to bring back the lost gloss and flawless texture it had when new, meaning maintenance can often negate the need for new marble floors to be bought.

For the everyday maintenance needs and to restore a regular shine, soft surface devices are used alongside a machine scrubber. Mostly used for maintaining and polishing big rooms and areas with marble floors, this mechanism polishes dull floors to give them a clean and fresh look, making any room they are installed in, more inviting.


The other more high-end method involves the use of a harder but not abrasive mechanism. The harder polishing discs make it much more likely for stains that have accumulated and settled in over the many years to come off, and the general dullness or yellowness that has covered the marble to go away. In essence the top layer of dirt and foreign materials that has stuck to the marble is scrubbed away to reveal the marble’s natural beautiful surface, making the room perfect for the special events.

Be careful with home care methods and use only the most reliable sources, since all the processes of caring and polishing are important to the effectiveness of the regimen, due to marble’s porous nature.